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Testimonials for Colon Cleanse Detox Program & Retreats


Clean Fresh Start

Fiona Created the Home Detox Box and designed the Retreat Biarritz to share what she learned experienced first hand and researched. She has poured her heart and soul into this and it shows. She is a mum of two incredible kind sweet boys that I have seen grow into young men on my many visits back to SW France for a top up and reset.

I never feel so much better when I have been through the loving care of Fiona’s week and her guidance on life as well as her colon cleanse detox program again. I have energy to spare and feel 100% alive again.

Zoe Badger


Do It Yourself at Home

The Home Detox Box arrived and I had a few questions which were answered and I was guided into the first few days. I opted for the support as this was my first time. The kit was easily explained and easy to follow and the videos helped me to see how I could get a better peace with food from now on.

All in all it was a great pause and I feel different and more motivated to consider my body when I eat. I eliminated physical waste as well as mental and emotional waste .

The guidance was brilliant to see what triggered me and what I was holding on to.

The Home detox box is much more than a 7 day cleanse pf the” body; when you allow it – it is the whole package to create a better version of me. I am so thankful I took the time to explore this in depth.

Sally Wellford


Becoming Pregnant

I had read and heard that a detox was a great was to improve my fertility, and I had just lost a baby and wanted to reset myself into the best state possible to accept a new born life into my body.

I spend a week preparing and a week following the instruction as they were laid out I only called the support line once. I was not disappointed after a 3 week full phase clean up of me. I felt fresh as a daisy and fit as a fiddle and 2 months later I was pregnant and I could feel it was different.

The remarkable thing is that really it was easy and I have changed the way I look at myself which is a hidden surprise when you take care of your body and mind. It was explained to me how to reset my body and the bonus was I learnt to also reset my mind.

It was just what I needed.

Melissa Farthing


Reset Mind, Body and my Intuition

One week in and I’ve completed the colon cleanse detox program and I am feeling and looking far better than I did before I feel great. My eyes are brilliant blue, and I have my digestion ready to accept a far better selection of food in future. I never knew I could feel so good. I am an artist and my creativity is through the roof, I have so many ideas and I believe its my intuition that has sparked up because of the clean start I’ve given myself.

Anna Fontaine


Refresh a holiday for my insides

This is an experience I know I will repeat again and again. I was sceptical and curious at first but I was in a change of life and needed direction.

The pause and time out for myself was like a much needed holiday, with an opportunity to get real perspective for my next phase of life. Not only do I feel like a new woman I know what I want to do next thanks to some well timed provocative questions from Fiona

Thank you.

And I did come back more than once.

Patricia Corker

Testimonial Home detox box