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Our Inner Cleanse & Fast Program

How We Started

I experienced my first detox when I was on a year traveling around the world and in Thailand. I was curious about colon cleanse detox program weeks and the benefits to expelling the excess waste and black matter that clogged up my digestion. I was even sceptical that it would make that much difference, how wrong was I.

Having experienced the whole body cleanse and loving how I felt inside and out, I wanted to repeat the experience when I settled at home after my travels but sadly could not find the whole cleanse and gut repair I had experienced. So I designed a program I could simply do from home, and as I researched and wrote the book I released then how much this was needed for others too. A simple way to take time out at home and clean up your act and truly start again. As many times as you wanted.

When I had created the Home Detox Box as a 7 day cleanse for the colon I started offering this for others and the retreat started with hikes into the Pyrenees mountains, Walks along the Atlantic coast line, Spa days, hamman, massages, Reiki and lots and lots of rest and fun talks.

I wrote the Detox book and started to run retreats to assist 100’s of people love their bodies and feel the energy return. Since then I’ve written raw recipe books, Peace with Food and Clean Fresh Start all so that more people can love the body they are in and reach a ripe old age and feel fabulous, get pregnant easily, recover from abnormal smear tests, eliminate medication after cancer treatments, or any long term medication, to improve skin tone and condition and vanquish eczema, recover from fatigue and hormone symptoms, come off medication for diabetes, and keep weight off. There are so many hundreds of symptoms that improve when you take part in a colon cleanse and detox program. and that makes my heart sing to see so many in a completely different state in their body.

7 Day Colon Cleanse Detox Program

My Story

Every woman deserves to have her way with the world, to feel priceless, sensual and confident in her body, and have oodles of fun every single minute of the day. ~¬©Fiona Robertson

For far too long women have taken care of others and have put themselves last, living in survival mode, raising family, running the house and building  careers. Experiencing huge negative physical consequences from weight to sciatica and everything in between. Suppressing all desires. Never going after what she really wanted.

There are huge physical consequences when you hold back and accept what life throws at you rather than taking ownership and creating what you want.

Grabbing food as you run out of the door, never really digesting or appreciating your nutrition. The relationship you have with your self and your food needs an overhaul. Now putting yourself last is a thing of the past.

We are going to turn that all around so that you create a long lasting respectful relationship with yourself and feel phenomenally strong and no ones criticism, bad behaviour will ever trigger you again to make poor choices. The cleanse and detox week ignites parts of you that you had forgotten about, you deeply care about your body and enjoying your experience fully in this physical body.

7 Day Colon Cleanse Detox Program

Mission & Vision

I am dedicated to teach about the ancient ways of detoxing, fasting and bowel cleansing, because there are just so so many benefits to your health, energy and mental state.

My intention is that you build a strong relationship with your body and lift yourself out of the average health state and experience yourself in the best state ever health wise.

I promise you that when you have experienced a detoxed clean and clear body you will feel 100% better, and have oodles of energy look and feel better that you will incorporate detox into your life from now on. You will never have felt so clean and fresh on the inside.

You know –

There is nothing that tastes as good as healthy and sexy feels

Clean Fresh Start

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Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson

Founder / CEO

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