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Detox Products & Services

That Love Your Body Back to LIfe

Get Started at Home

starting from 9.99

You deserve a clean fresh start and for that I have created a book CLEAN FRESH START and at it’s core has a simple preparation meal plan and exercises to follow to build a new relationship with yourself and establish the new you in the best state ever

I have Books, E books, workbooks and raw and fermented recipe books all dedicated to create a healthy working physical body.

Reach out for help and read the FAQ I have answered in advance and if you have a question please do not hesitate to contact myself and my team or experienced detox divas.

Home Detox Box – Options

starting from 158.00

7 Day Home Detox Box – A 2 phase digestive cleanse program created as a Do It Yourself at home option

  • 100% NATURAL, SAFE AND VEGAN INGREDIENTS: With high fibre, probiotics, and enzymes this detox is efficient at eliminating toxins, the build of decades of waste matter and mucoid plaque in your colon quickly and effectively.
  • BETTER DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Resolve digestive complaints such as gas, bloating, and constipation with this natural colon cleanse detox program.

Consultations – intuitive body whispering

starting from 640.00 to 2,222.00

Body Whisperer listening to the messages from your soul.

What information is your body giving you?

These sessions are a safe place to escape the hustle and bustle of life and find what is causing your conditions and how to resolve them

Have you struggled with weight, eating disorders, pain, illness, persistent condition, irresolvable physical symptoms or body image insecurities?

Detox For The Soul Retreats

starting from 2,664.00 reserve with a deposit of 888.00

All inclusive Detox for your soul retreats and quality time out between the mountains and sea.

A total Re Set and Re Boot your Hormone, Digestive systems and increase your natural energy on a Six Day Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Detox Retreat


More information

Is this retreat for you?

Retreat Biarritz is your intimate venue in S.W France where you can experience a detox for your soul retreat and allow your best self to be unveiled  – a Total System Reboot. Detox Retreats have been running here for 16 years (since 2006) and have supported 100’s of women and men to reveal who they really are without their physical complaints.

Peace With Food & Make Over Courses

starting from 2222.00 to 8,888.00

This is a way to build a strong relationship with yourself, and your inner self and master your mind to transform your health and your body. I have several programs designed specifically for digestion specific issues, hormones, pre diabetes and getting back to your best state ever. Ditch the diets this is not all about what you eat and how much you move

100’s of people just like you have set about a new relationship with themselves and gone onto reach their personal dreams, lose weight from 2 to 10 stone and resolve aches and pains and symptoms when they understood the root cause and detoxed that mental block.

Contact me for a personal consultation

“… I never liked myself enough to this for myself before, I was shown how and it was far easier than I anticipated and far more rewarding. I love my body and my body loves me”

Elaine Lyndsey


Clean Fresh and Free


Beyond your detox week there is so much more to discover as you feel better and better, and have more energy we are all about sustaining that magical feeling and staying on track.

Love your Body

VIP Retreats and ongoing support
On line mentoring

Best state ever

Raw Food

Lasting health

Staying energetic