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Is Adrenalin Screwing With Your Body & Weight?


Sally told me that her life was super hectic, that she felt uncomfortable ,and knows that she was probably damaging her health, yet she keeps on going because she owes other people who need her. She short changes herself and cannot give her all to her family and her partner and her clients. So something has to give.

Her family needs her constantly, her husband requires a lot of her time and energy, more than she can spare, and she works non stop in her head and on her computer to build a business that calls her soul.

Her home, her garden, her friends, her exercise and relaxation time she wants to do it all, and yet she is exhausted.

She knows she is running on adrenalin and wants so much to improve her self, and feels she is only just keeping her head above water and making it work, barely. Sally wants to be more spiritual, more Zen and intuitive to meditate, but when? She told me “When I get a moment to myself, I’ll think about it but all I want to do is sleep to stop feeling so tired, I’ve gained so much weight, I’m stressed and could cry as this is not the life I want or had planned.”

Sally is not alone as so many of us today are running on air, and have not enough fuel to manage a simple day. Sally can’t get off the tread mill for long enough to even think about what it would take to finally get off the treadmill. She needs supplements and stimulants to help her feel alive and get going relaxation aids to help her sleep. She is so preoccupied with external problems that she can’t breakthrough the loud static around her, to get to feel into what’s at the core and underneath it all, to make a decision as to what to do. When really 80% of her issues stem from the same story and belief.

We discussed at length her life and how it rolled out day by day, and the concept of making the time to work on your life and in you life.

You have to create quiet time so that you can penetrate into the real issues to find the most effective ways to proceed. Sally is working in her life and not on her life.

If she could take a moment and have someone delve into the bits no one else has managed to reach and remove the stumbling blocks. If she has someone to question her logic and look at all those ‘should’ and ‘musts’ and ‘yes buts’. Then she’ll discoverer that listening to her intuition and get her creative altered mind state are not extra things to add into her day, but they are transformational means that can rapidly resolve a lot of core issues, and she will go from running around like a headless chicken, and feeling the world is working against her, to having the world work out rather well for her.

That’s what we call Practical Magic letting you lift off from the rat race and alter your perception long enough regularly enough to flow into a more vibrant life., feeling 100% alive in your own skin.

What Sally discovered for herself was remarkable, She had been going at all of this from the wrong perceptions, outdated and forceful and very out of alignment.

Together we reversed the chemical chain reaction in a few weeks of dedicated attention and led to the missing piece for her to discover her core belief and the 5 stories that kept creating havoc for her physically.

Because I am inspired to bring faster relief to women struggling with issues exactly the same as Sally. I am offering you a chance to receive reading and Body Scan and isolate the biggest trigger that keep you battling with your body. I will share the crucial element with you that has the chain of chemical reactions and help you to consciously reconstruct your relationship with your body that way you’ve always wanted it to be. From the inside out.

You’ll get:

1. Discover your NO 1 triggers

2. What blocks you from actually resolving your symptom

3. Find out what your body is really craving ( hint its not what you think)

Sign up for one of my free Breakthrough to Your Body Fit For Your Soul – 30 minute session that I am doing all January and reclaim your Body Fit For Your Soul. or PM me.


Detox for your Body Fit For Your Soul is a 3 month ‘Ignite Your Soul Body’ program to reset your entire body, re program your mind and discover what lies in the recesses and behind your symptoms metaphysically, energetically and release these with soul to soul work. A period of 3 months allows the ignite process so that you can start to walk and talk in your new identity, having let go of the energy beliefs and experience the body change. 2,664.00 Euros

Fully Integrated process of listening and talking to the body:

*Physical detox and cleanse allows the body to reset the cells by clearing away dead, damaged and abnormal growths at a cellular level.

*Mental Detox to clear way stories, memories and beliefs regretfully creating a lot of the havoc for you physically

*Psychic readings (body whisperer) allow us to discover the hidden deaths.

*Soul to soul connection listening to what the body is really craving and the message in your symptom

After working with me for three months Sally got well and truly connected to her soul and listened to her intuition. She was guided with inspirational and innovative ideas to resolve her chain of chemical reactions that had her body feel out of control and behaving badly, to radically dropping the medication required for her diabetes and pain medications. She let go of the vibration of the original creation and the story behind so much of her need to achieve and please. Subsequentially after six months Sally had halved her size and doubled here energy, and felt vitally alive so much so that she took a quantum leap of faith into a new direction in her soul work career..

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