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Enema Frequently asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions About Enemas

1.5 litre Enema bag and hose

Enemas are used to support the colon cleanse detox program, to clean and flush out the bowel. The lower part of the digestive tract often gets compacted with waste matter for longer than necessary. An enemas has many supporting health benefits that can remove toxins, mucoid plaque and heavy metals from your body, that show up as improved younger noticeably healthier skin, better blood pressure, reduced brain fog, and improved energy levels.

Enemas are an ancient technique to support health. The first mention of enemas was in the earliest medical text known to man: the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, which dates back to 1500 BC

Enemas are not new and are known from ancient text from Sumeria, Babylonia, India, Greece, China and the American Indians who all used the enema for healing purposes.

Are there any side affects from doing an enema?

The enema itself does not have side effects, however it will enhance your detox and colon cleanse, so you may have symptoms such as feeling like you have a cold or a headache as the enema releases debris and toxins. You often feel the effects of the releasing of toxins and that can bring on exhaustion and other detox symptoms; But that’s a good sign it means your flushing them out of hiding places. Keep going.

The bowels continue to function normally and operate independently even when you are taking an enema. Most time their function improves after taking an enema.

What types of recipes can enhance the enemas?

Plain water enema, this is using filtered and mineral waters. Warm the water up to body temperature. Warm water keeps the colon relaxed and assists the release of debris. Often a fresh water enema is a preparation for the other recipes. Clear the colon with pure water before administering other ingredients.

Other enema recipes include:

Coffee is widely publicised as part of the chronic care therapy and naturopathy. It is really excellent in a health crisis and for pain and discomfort. It stimulates the liver to dump bile by absorption of the coffee into the haemorrhoidal veins and the portal vein. This encourages deep cleansing of the colon by stimulating peristaltic activity. It is a regular part of the DR Bernard Jensen and Gerson therapy regimes.

Coffee enemas are made from a pure specially prepared coffee if a powder you put 3TBSP of ground pure coffee into a quart of liquid 32 Fluid ounces /one litre of water and simmer in a non aluminium pan, on a very low heat for 20 minutes. You leave the mixture to cool and strain the mixture through a very fine cloth. Again the water shouold be body temperature.

Hold in your colon for 15 to 20 minute. Every day or if you have an need for acute healing you can administer every hour.

A coffee enema is recommended after a lymph massage to cleanse the colon of the lymph which has drained into the bowel. Take the coffee enema earlier in the day as it can disrupt your sleep.

Garlic is typically taken to cleanse the liver and the intestines of mucous congestion.

Garlic is a profound cleanser and purifier and an excellent treatment for worms, bacteria and parasites as well as very useful for yeast infections as it has antiseptic qualities.

To make liquidise 4 cloves of garlic in a pint of warm water and strain

or 4 cloves crushed in a pint of water and bring to the boil in a non aluminium pan. Reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Let the mixture cool. Strain the mixture through a fine cloth or sieve and add water to make it 1.5 litres for your enema bag.

Do enemas help to strengthen peristalsis in the colon?

The bowel uses peristalsis to move waste matter forward, Taking an enema will help move the mass of matter in the bowels and move that out.

If you do not have a daily movement of your bowels taking an enema will help evacuate the matter that is taking a long time to transit and be eliminated. This is due to many reasons physical as well as mental, from stress to lack of hydration. Improving your bowel movement and natural peristalsis is just one way to help. A full colon cleanse detox program will help but re education is required to stop constipation in the future helping you become more regular.

What is the best body position for doing enemas?

There is no best body position, For you top be comfortable is the best position and whatever creates the least anxiety for you. I recommend doing enemas lying down, on a mat or towel, in a warm room and somewhere comfortable where you have easy access to a toilet. You can do an enema lying on your right side, your left side, or your back — whichever is the most effective and most comfortable for you. You can experiment with different positions to figure out what’s right. When your confident you can raise your hips whilst taking the enema, some people like to do yoga positions whist taking the enema, Its all about what feels good to you.

What temperature should the enema water be?

For the water to be most effective and comfortable, the water is ideally at your body temperature — approximately 98° F or 37° C or slightly warmer, but most importantly you should choose a temperature that feels most comfortable to you. Cooler water tends to restrict the flow and cause the body to tense up. Too hot and you could cause damage to the delicate tissues.

What is the best time of day to do an enema?

What feels most comfortable for you, when the house is quiet and restful. It varies from person to person. Many people prefer doing enemas in the morning, others prefer to do in the evening. Its all just fine to do them any time of day that feels best for your body, and works best for your schedule.

What should I do if I leak when I do enemas?

Some water may back up and start leaking when you do your enema. If you’re leaking during an enema, it means you cant take in any more water as there is a mass of matter obstructing the flow of water. You can move around breath deeply massage your tummy and wait for a route for the water to take that bypasses the block. This too shall pass. Patience and keep trying as the water will soon find a way if you help it along a bit.

What should I do if the enema nozzle won’t stay in?

There are 2 ends to the enema kit and one may work better for you than the other? Try both and see which one stays in best, Usually the longer tip stays in easier or you have too much lubrication if the tip of the nozzle and it slides out.

What should I do if I can’t hold the enema liquid for the recommended 10 minutes?

If you feel that you can’t hold the water that’s normal at the beginning with practice and as the bowels become clear it will get easier.

Retain the water as long as you can. Everyone is different and some find that it is possible longer some days and not others too.

You are still receiving great benefits from the enema even if you can’t hold it for that full time. Just do the best you can.

What should I do if there’s pain or discomfort when I do an enema?

During the enema is normal to feel some initial discomfort. Its new and some people experience minor cramping during an enema, you should not experience any severe pain or discomfort during or after an enema. Listen to your own body and If you feel the pain is too much stop doing the enema right away. Make sure to listen to your body during the process. If you experience a feeling of cramping, I recommend slowing down, massaging the abdomen, and breathing through it until the cramping subsides. Then you can continue with the enema. Often it is the Mucoid Plaque lifting off the walls of the colon. Imagine that this dried substance is attached to the wall of your colon and that it is coming away and you feel it as the cramping. Maybe you feel hot sweats and light headed, your are releasing substance, waste and toxins that need to be released.

What should I do if there is blood from my colon when I have done the enema?

Bowel polyps are small growths on the inner lining of the colon (large bowel) or rectum. They are common, affecting 15-20% of the population, and don’t usually cause symptoms. Polyps are usually less than 1cm in size, although they can grow up to several centimetres. These Polyps can cause bleeding and are more common in people over 40, who smoke and who have a diet poor of fibre. Left alone they are asymptomatic but the colon cleanse with fibre and the enema may cause some bleeding. If you are worried book yourself in for a colonoscopy investigation. Creating a healthy bowel is the aim of the colon cleanse detox program and taking an enema to flush the colon. A healthy bowel is where polyps do not occur.

What should I do if I didn’t evacuate all of the solution after the enema. Is there a problem?

Not evacuating all of the solution happens. This is when the body may evacuate it later. You will get the urge to go to the toilet and the rest will come out.

You may evacuate later, or maybe not much at all. This isn’t an issue often the body is dehydrated and the water was absorbed. Remember that the body rehydrates itself from the colon. Its not a problem unless it causes you pain or discomfort. To try to evacuate you can do a couple of things, move, bend, stretch, bounce up and down, it can sometimes be helpful to adjust the amount of solution you’re taking in.

What should I feel after I have done my enema?

Its normal that you feel better after the enema, not worse. Although if you are new to this it can feel strange, Tired, light headed, empty and it can bring on detox symptoms

If you get detox symptoms after the first couple of enemas that’s because your body is releasing toxins, old purified waste matter and loosening up the compacted rubbery substance mucoid plaque. You are doing something to return your bowel back to a very healthy state.

The symptoms should not continue past the first few enemas.

▶︎NB: If you’re experiencing difficulties with enemas, there may be a number of details you can change to make enemas work better for you. In this case I recommend contacting one of our experts to try to determine what is causing the difficulties so that the issues can be addressed.