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Do I need to take the Enema?

Do I need to take the Enema?

The enema efficiently washes out the toxins and debris of the build up of old waste matter, once your cells release the toxins in the cells it is strongly advised that you flush these out before they settle somewhere else in your body. The enema is the quickest and easiest way to flush away unwanted matter including mucoid plaque. How to Do a Colon Cleanse Fasting program and enema at Home//

In these weekly short video guides, I show you how to do a 7 Day fasting colon cleanse detox program with an enema at home using a the kit provided in the box delivered to your home. I demonstrate how to use an enema, talk about a basic enema mixture, why detox and why do the enemas, and what to expect from an enema. The benefits from a regular colon cleanse and enema and I am here to answer your questions on this topic.

Why an enema can help with your nutrition

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