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Clean Fresh Start & Beyond

Girl in sun – start of a Fresh New Day.
Nothing tastes as good as clean, sexy and alive FEELS

Welcome Back to Your Body

Congratulations, you are about to embark on a few precious days that will help your body to have a well-deserved clean start. Like taking a mini break, having a change of scenery does miracles for your attitude and overall wellbeing, which in turn will noticeably assist your mind, body, to be the happy soul you are meant to be, and it’s so easy when you are clean, fresh, and free.

As you begin discovering what your own body does for you every single second of the day, I truly hope that you have a whole new perspective on the many thankless tasks and take note of just a few of the automatic tasks your body has perfectly in place and does to keep you alive and feeling well. There are so many extremely simple things that you can add into your day that will assist and make this an easier job for your body to support you.

I would always strongly recommend that before you take part in any week where you aim to be clean clear and have a fresh start, that you consider taking a gentle run up to the experience and not having to jump from a standing start.

There are huge physical consequences to waking up to and adapting certain powerful aspects, that go un explored by so many on their journey to feel better in their own skin. At the core of this book there are a series of exercises all tried and tested by my clients and myself. Though this has been designed to be a self help guide that will enable everyone to experience the benefits of a clear fresh body, it also enables you to purify the mind, and to develop your own ability to know your own power to create better health and feel better and better for yourself. Built around the practical advise for self care and experiencing a clean fresh start physically you will experience the elements that have huge consequences on the body, beyond your consumption of a better food selection.