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The Ultimate Body Cleanse & Detox 7 Day Repair Program

Re-Create Your Beauty, Health & Energy

A colon cleanse detox program has the ability to REFRESH, RESET & REBOOT your entire body, fire up your brain, cleanse your organs, cells and tissues that help you maintain your vital energy, youth and heal you in 7 days.

Imagine living in a body you love, feeling increased energy, lighter and with a clear positive mind, have better digestion, and looking and feeling radiantly healthy, which all comes naturally with a colon cleanse detox program

I love my body and my

body loves me

A 2 phase digestive cleanse program to reset and re boot created as a Do It Yourself at home option

  • Relieves poor digestion, constipation and diarrhoea, stomach bloat and gas,
  • Supports healthy organ functioning, such as your liver and kidneys.
  • Eliminates and detoxifies the body in 2 steps by removing years of old waste matter build up, mucoid plaque and re hydrates the body.
  • Resets the gut flora with healthy active bacteria that will enhance your whole body, and boost your immune system.

Refresh – Reset – Reboot

If you fancy a fresh start and full-on internal spring clean, but don’t have the time or finances for far away colon cleanse detox retreats, the 7 day Home Detox Box is a two phase full digestive cleanse and reboot kit and is just what you are looking for.

This is a colon cleanse detox program which incorporates a 7 day whole body and bowel cleanse and 3 day fast. Specifically designed for busy people, it gives full detox, deep cellular and tissue cleanse results.

Download your 7 day Home detox Box guide as you prepare for your detox experience. This digestive cleanse protocol reaches parts of you that you have never reached before, simply releasing the build up of mucoid plaque in your digestive system. This long rubbery brown and black residue that is expelled happens even in the first 7 days of the program. There are numerous benefits to expelling such a build up with a digestive and bowel cleanse. Benefits that help you to gain energy, boost metabolism, balance weight, have mental clarity and resets your entire immune system, You can experience recovery from long term symptoms which is the reason we receive repeat orders daily for this bowel cleanse program. This simple and yet powerfully effective 7 day whole body cleanse program can easily be done from the comfort of your own home

Before you start your colon cleanse detox program I strongly recommend you get acquainted with how to start your detox at home with the clean fresh start to prepare for yourself, your meals and your mind for your colon cleanse detox program

Get started

Discover how to start your clean fresh rest and mini colon cleanse detox preparation at home.

Welcome Back to Your Body

Congratulations, you are about to embark on a few precious days that will help prepare your body to have a well-deserved clean start. Like taking a mini break, having a change of scenery does miracles to reset your attitude and overall wellbeing, which in turn will noticeably assist your mind, body, to be the happy healthy soul you are meant to be, and it’s so easy when you are clean, fresh, and free.

You will see in a very short space of time the multitude of benefits and positive effects as you alkalize your body and understand how much your body does for you. And this is just the beginning of your colon cleanse detox program The preparation is a priceless gift you can repeat over and over

Home Detox Products

7 Day colon cleanse detox program is a DIY (Do It Yourself) Option to reset your whole body –  The Home Detox Box includes everything you need to know to effectively carry out the colon cleanse detox program to improve your health, gain energy, reduce effects of aging and boost your immune system and get into your best physical state ever, all from your home.

Spring cleaning you from the inside out, expel mucoid plaque and reboot your entire digestive system and benefit your whole body in so many ways. You are guided through a beginners 3 day fast, with 100% natural colon cleansing ingredients for your gut, with a simple to follow plan.

This Colon Cleanse Detox Kit is one of the finest detox kits on the market and has 20 years of happy customers who have effectively removed mucoid plaque with a very efficient and complete cleanse. You will never have been so clean inside and out.


Retreat – Colon Cleanse

My personal mission and soul purpose is to see you create a new healthy relationship with yourself and your body, to enjoy better health and reconnect with your body and love the skin you are in. Experience oodles of energy, have a clear mind and feed your body and soul what she most needs, wants and lacks the most.

The Retreat is a stand alone colon cleanse detox program with a week of time out and precious self care with optional VIP coaching and mentoring program to fall in love with the skin you are in, become beautiful, powerfully confident, and feel so phenomenally strong that no ones criticism, judgment or rejection can ever rock you again. You can move on with your life with one less thing to worry about when you claim your own power and that all starts with a clean start.

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I love my body and my body loves me


There are millions of perks to having a clean fresh start and a whole body detox and cleanse. You will fall in love with yourself and body and your body will love you back. No more sluggishness, lack of energy or fatigue which are your body’s call for help. A short period following this colon cleanse detox program helps restore your vitality and energy recharge the battery so you can feel lighter and more ALIVE.

Get Started at Home …TODAY

7 DAY Introduction *°* Clean Fresh Start How to clean up & start your detox at home

Peace With Food Entry Level

Peace with Food is a support and coaching program. During 5 videos you will see clearly the triggers and what is causing you to emotionally consume food

REBOOT home detox kit……………

7 DAY DIY RESET and Full System Kicks Start colon cleanse, detox fast program – Reset and Reboot (was Euros 158.00) now for a trail period It is: Euros 96.00-

You can now up grade with the full support option with up to 2 hours of SOS connnections via Whats app. Weekly question and answer meet ups in a Private Face Book Group.

Retreat in S W France at detox for your soul..

The colon cleanse detox program done for you in South West France and Introduction to the Ultimate Body Connection

REvolution Home Detox 4 WEEK.

30 DAY *°* Deep tissue cleanse, Cellular & molecular whole body cleanse and detox. Complete Re Code – Re Fresh – Top level mucoid plaque elimination program.

Peace with food 6 months ...

VIP Consultations and reach your health goal – Food flexitarian – No diet- Master your mind – release the beliefs sabotaging your progress


Consultations and Contact

We are a small family run business and we know how important it is to be heard. So we want to hear from you and your concerns no matter how small, so that we can answer your questions and care for you as you start your colon cleanse detox experience.

Its not always easy to get to here in your journey and we respect how far you have come. We care that you have a great experience and we can explain what is happening at each step of the way. We offer customer care to help guide you when ever we can, We are equipped with product knowledge and hands on product experience and can explain what is happening to your body as you detox. We have helped detox 100’S of people over the last two decades, on line and on our retreats. We are based in France speak English, but can always translate most questions with the help of translators.

We encourage you to share your positive experiences and feed back to us to motivate others on their journey to optimum heath through a colon cleanse detox program.

We are dedicated to educating about the ancient art of cleansing and fasting, alkalizing raw and fermented food. The metaphysical reasons for the symptoms, the mind set that all influence and affect your overall health and can offer body whispering readings of the cause of the symptoms.


Clean Fresh Start – Peace At Last

As I took time out to be with my body, following the colon cleanse detox program and being quiet and peaceful, I became aware of what I was holding onto in my gut. The stories, the emotions and their voices had been muffled for so long and I was not used to listening to what need to be heard, and acted on. Well they’re getting clearer now! Thank you for showing me a better peaceful way and getting to know my own body with the VIP Colon cleanse detox program.

Angela Murphy


Home Detox Box -Clean Fresh Start

This week on the Colon Cleanse Detox Program was enlightening and far easier than I imagined.

The menu plan was easy to stick to easy to follow and well laid out, and I felt good knowing that it was carefully planned out to benefit my body.

I absolutely LOVED my Home Detox Box, this Colon Cleanse Detox Program does what it says on the box, spring cleans you from the inside out. It was a first for me to experience, and would recommend to anyone! Its a brilliant way to reset your body, give it a chance to repair and spring back working to its full capacity. I feel amazing in myself, light and fresh minded.

There are elements that I will certainly be continuing from the menu plan, as I believe this will help me to stay on track and maintain a healthy diet.

Charlotte Kirby

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Clean Fresh Start & Detox Blog

I was curious about colon cleanse detox program weeks and the benefits to expelling the black matter that clogged up my digestion. I was even sceptical that it would make that much difference, how wrong was I. Having experienced the whole body cleanse and loving how I felt inside and out, I wanted to repeat the experience so I designed a program I could do from home, and released then how much this was needed for others too. a simple way to take time out at home and clean up your act and truly start again.

Arriving at Peace with Food, was a milestone in a long journey to feeling better and better in my body. Many of you will like me feel that your body is like mine, carrying you every day where ever you want to go, and yet knowing that there must be an easier simpler and far better way to turn around hundreds of physical symptoms, and enjoy living in this body and have it as a beautiful creation that you can call home and appreciate it as a temple.

The body is perfectly and naturally equipped to maintain you in your best shape ever, eliminate and carry out all its hundreds of functions effectively, eliminate, cleanse and the detoxification you need. However a standard habitual unhealthy diet, entertainment food and drinks, with alcohol, being dehydrated for long phases, taking stimulants, the daily exposure to a toxic environment, and every day coping with stress and over excursion, eventually takes a toll on your bod. Your cells and tissues regeneration is seriously effected and struggles to cope, which shows in signs of aging, exhaustion and long term physical symptoms that luckily can now be reversed, reset, rebooted and have you recalibrated with a short cleanse.

Beautiful people happily take time out to Refresh, Reset and Reboot with a whole body cleanse regularly, nourishing the body mind and soul. From full on Detox For The Soul Retreats, fasting weekends, colon cleanse and detox program weeks, nutritionally healthier choices and reap the rewards, with visible better bodies, skin and a beautiful attitude to life.

Why we all need to Detox

If you have been following a healthy, high-raw lifestyle for several years and have done a herbal cleanse or two you may well assume you are now fully “detoxed”. I’m here to tell you that you are almost certainly not! How do I know that? Because I’m willing to bet you grew up on the standard, “socially accepted” fare and ate this diet throughout your teens, most probably your 20s too, and quite probably even longer.

Detox and Cleansing for all round health

What does it mean to be clean and fresh?

Well, in todays’ society we usually think of being clean as showering, taking a bath or putting on fresh clothes. Being clean used to have a whole different meaning as far back as 1500 BC when the Egyptians were not only cleaning their bodies externally but internally too.

Detox : The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

“The Sweetness of Doing Nothing” is an attitude. It is a mindset. It is the opportunity to live freely and enjoy the simple things life has to offer, whether it is a beautiful sunset, a child’s laugh or a long nap outside on a warm summer afternoon